RoboCup: primary students descend on Curtin Uni for robot challenge

Fraser Hickling, Daniel Jackson and Jason Dowie. Picture: Jon Hewson
Fraser Hickling, Daniel Jackson and Jason Dowie. Picture: Jon Hewson

IT was robot versus robot at Curtin University when 200 teams – more than 1600 students – from Primary Schools across WA faced off at the RoboCup.

The annual competition is an opportunity for young minds to engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects in a hands on capacity.

Organised by ScitTech, Robo Cup Junior winners were awarded the opportunity to compete nationally in Sydney.

The competition was made up of three challenges, a robots dance, a rescue challenge in which a robot had to navigate an obstacle and rescue a can and a soccer match.SciTech technology crusader Tim Schmitz said the program was about kick starting a robotic revolution for Generation Z youngsters, who were predicted to work largely in STEM fields in the future.

“(RoboCup) is the opposite of text book learning, children create their own problems then solve their own problems,” he said.

“We are doing this to equip students with the skills for the world of the future.”

“It’s daunting for adults but not for children who are learning new things all the time… they just need back ground skills and then get challenged to innovate.”

Mr Schmitz said while everyone talked about robots being the future, it was important to recognise someone had to build them and then repair them.

He said the two-day competition was an excellent way to engage young people, particularly girls who had traditionally avoided STEM subjects.

“In 2012, girls made up less than 10 per cent of participants but this year 34 per cent of the participants were girls so it’s on the rise,” Mr Schmitz said.

Winners List

2016 Winners:

Primary Dance

1st place        Robot Rebels (St Jerome’s Primary School)

2nd place         Feathered AA’s (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)

3rd place        The Bogans (Our Lady of Grace School)       

Secondary Dance

1st place        Penguins! (Perth Modern School)

2nd place        Potato Heads (Cannington Community College)

3rd place        Alkimos 2 (Alkimos Baptist College)

Open Dance

1st place        The NX-Twins Arduinosaurs (Melville Senior High School)

2nd place        Caught Pink Handed (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)

3rd place        Chocobots (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)       

Primary Rescue

1st place        C3Po (All Saints’ College)

2nd place        Yo Mama-tron Team (All Saints’ College)

3rd place        HCC 1 (Holy Cross College)       

Secondary Rescue

1st place        Team Challen (St Mark’s Anglican Community School)

2nd place        S Mark II (Shenton College)

3rd place        Hyperion’s Back (Morley Senior High)

Open Rescue

1st place        simplici nomine (Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School)

2nd place        BEN (All Saint’s College)

3rd place        The Future (All Saints’ College)       

Gen II Soccer

1st place        Year 11 (Perth Modern School)

2nd place        Robocops (Independent)

3rd place        City (Hampton Senior High School)

Lightweight Soccer

1st place        Kungfumagic (Independent)

2nd place        Spicy Meatballs (Sacred Heart College)

3rd place        Yellow Sticky Notes (Independent)