Sand project helps with team building

Sand project helps with team building

Sandmen: Corey Sleeman, Brad Cooper, Anton van Heerden and Jin Zhang.

Under the guidance of sand sculpture artist Tim DarbyOK, about 200 students in teams of five transformed a pile of sand into an artwork.

Interior architecture first year co-ordinator AnaOK CalicOK said the project was a great team building exercise to welcome students to university life.

�Students were required to research the key design features of a famous building, investigating elements such as form, mass, volume, texture, pattern, repetition, scale, balance and hierarchy,� Miss Calic said.

�They then created a 3D abstraction, working to set size requirements, which shows the most defining characteristics of the building.

�The students have learnt a range of sculpting techniques and special preparation techniques such as pounding up the sand for maximum stability ?as well as having been introduced to fundamental design processes.�

Students were judged on the most architectural, beautiful, eye-catching, Australian and intricate.