School boundary backflip

The Department’s executive director of infrastructure John Fischer said the Department’s intention was to clarify the local intake area for some secondary schools.

‘The Department acknowledges that these changes last year had caused unexpected issues for families of some students and that is why we have reversed this decision,’ Mr Fischer said.

‘The reinstatement of Rossmoyne Senior High School’s local intake area will entitle students enrolled at Riverton Primary School in Year 6, and residing south of High Road within that school’s local intake area, to enrol at Rossmoyne Senior High School or Willetton Senior High School.’

Riverton MLA Mike Nahan welcomed the decision.

‘Following the amendment, I was contacted by a number of Riverton residents who were concerned that their children may no longer be able to attend Rossmoyne Senior High School,’ Dr Nahan said. ‘Rossmoyne’s success and outstanding reputation as a top public school has meant that many residents have paid a premium on their properties so that their children may attend the school.’

Dr Nahan said he had contacted Education Minister Peter Collier to convey the community’s dismay. He was pleased that the Department had reversed its decision.

‘It is important however, to note that the area in question is still a conditional zone, and prospective homeowners need to be aware of this given the enrolment pressures on Rossmoyne Senior High School,’ Dr Nahan said.