Schools win with new system

Rossmoyne SHS will gain $544,000 next year under the new school funding model.
Rossmoyne SHS will gain $544,000 next year under the new school funding model.

Under the student-centred funding model, revealed by Education Minister Peter Collier last month, Rossmoyne Senior High School will benefit from an extra $544,000.

One of the state’s biggest high schools, Willetton Senior High School, will gain $347,000 and Canning Community College an extra $312,000.

Mr Collier said the student-centred funding model would decrease the funding gap between secondary and primary schools, with money going to where students were.

‘Under the old funding model, a report by the University of Melbourne found public secondary school students in WA are funded 38 per cent more generously than primary school students,’ he said.

‘This is the biggest disparity in primary/secondary funding in Australia.

‘By comparison, the disparity in South Australia is only 14 per cent.’

Under the new model, $45 million will be taken out of the WA secondary system over the next five years and given to early education and primary schools.

State Labor Leader Mark McGowan said about 80 WA schools would lose about $250,000

‘Many are in low socio-economic areas. Students should be getting extra help ” not less ” to ensure they have an opportunity to succeed in life,’ Mr McGowan said.

‘I support a simpler funding model, but I don’t believe in ripping money out of schools where students need help.’