Service helps find work

Elliott Norrish of Leeming
Elliott Norrish of Leeming

Mr Norrish, who has a learning disability, said he had difficulty finding jobs that suited him.

He said that though he sometimes took longer than others to learn processes and complete tasks, he was capable and had a good attitude.

‘If I have to work weekends, I don’t mind,’ he said. ‘I’m happy all day and I have a laugh to make the day go faster.’

He said he had landed his jobs over the past 12 years ” ranging from boat maintenance to working with the Fremantle Dockers to cleaning at Adventure World ” with the help of South Metropolitan Personnel (SMP) consultants.

The not-for-profit organisation helps south eastern suburbs residents ” from East Victoria Park in the north, through the Cannington area, down to Serpentine and west to the freeway ” find jobs to suit them and send a support worker to visit occasionally until they settle in.

‘They come out and see how I’m going and if it’s well they go, if not they stay around and help a bit,’ Mr Norrish said.

‘They don’t bother me and I don’t have to take much notice.’

SMP, a free service, sends new clients for a Centrelink assessment to identify suitable workloads, but apart from that, it is independent of Centrelink and clients can refer themselves.

‘I just want to get paid and have money,’ said Mr Norrish.

‘I know when I have to get up ” when I’m not at work I can get a bit lazy.

‘It’s important for everyone to be part of the workforce, just so they can earn money and pay their bills.’