Shelley artist Manu Madan showcasing work in White Gum Valley

Manu Madan.
Shelley artist Manu Madan showcasing work in White Gum Valley
Manu Madan.

SHELLEY artist Manu Madan will showcase garden-inspired oil paintings, ceramics and glasswork at an architect’s office in White Gum Valley this weekend.

Architecture design firm Ehdo bought the venue from two artists and continues to support local artists by offering them exhibition space.

Madan said the opportunity will enable her to exhibit her work to a broader professional audience.

When she first started her art and graphic design business, Get Creatively, she was looking to maximise her networks through the Australian Indian Women’s Expo.

But after giving a presentation at the expo she felt they wanted to know more about her and see her active in the broader community – not just in Indian circles – which prompted her to make her work public.

Madan is often seen at the Canning Arts Group, where she produces small glassworks and ceramics, using its kiln to set the rich colours of her pieces, and she said every artist needs a studio for inspiration and collaboration with like minds.

Her exhibition includes paintings birthed from a desire to study suburbs gardens and dreams.

Madan ultimately compared her home suburb of Shelley with White Gum Valley where her sister lives.

“In Shelley we are in a period of knocking down old buildings and building new ones and in White Gum Valley warehouses are being transformed into an artist colony,” she said.

She also used oils and a palette knife to produce small studies from gardens in Bali during a recent holiday.

Madan’s exhibition will be held at 48 Watkins Street, White Gum Valley, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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