Speak up and be heard

Ms Mann said more than one million Australians have difficulty communicating and a greater awareness about the condition is needed.

‘Even though communication is often taken for granted, people who have difficulty getting their message across are disadvantaged in many parts of their lives,’ Ms Mann said.

Communication difficulty is caused by developmental delays including, strokes, brain injuries, learning and intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy and hearing loss, as well as other problems that can affect speech, language and communication.

‘It’s estimated that one in five people will experience communication difficulties at some point in their lives.

‘This can range from mild to very severe and can impact on the way they participate in family life, the community, education and the workplace,’ she said.

‘By starting a conversation about communication during Speech Pathology Week, we want to encourage people to think about what life is like for the large number of Australians living with a communication problem.’