State Govt and Labor commit to City of Canning’s Bentley Regeneration Project

CITY of Canning deputy mayor Lindsay Holland received commitments from both Mike Nahan and Ben Wyatt that the Bentley Regeneration Project (BRP) would be a priority in the first term of any new government.

At a Committee for Economic Development Australia luncheon at the Perth Convention Centre, both the Treasurer and Shadow Treasurer addressed an audience of about 600 people, presenting their strategies and reform ahead of the March State election.

During question time, Cr Holland asked the pair if they would commit to the BRP, the different funding models and funding the project in the short term.

Cr Holland has been vocal about expediting the progress of the BRP, which has languished incomplete for more than eight years.

Mr Wyatt indicated that WA Labor was committed to the project and its funding, saying he he was particularly invested as the project and facilities were part of his electorate.

Dr Nahan also committed to the project.

Cr Holland said: “The City of Canning is pleased to be able to receive commitments on the future of the Bentley Regeneration Project. This project presents great opportunities and outcomes for the community and we will be excited to see the vision come to realisation.”

Mayor Paul Ng praised the result.