Sustainable ‘Trail Blazer’ official jacket for Garage Sale Trail

Kate Hannah in her studio ahead of this year's Garage Sale Trail. Picture: Andrew Ritchie   d495217
Kate Hannah in her studio ahead of this year's Garage Sale Trail. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d495217

SUSTAINABLE fashion designer and blogger Kate Hannah has been on a garage sale trail of her own in search of “nanna’s selling wool” over the past few months.

The 26-year-old is an official ambassador for the 2019 Garage Sale Trail and has designed the “Trail Blazer” jacket that will be worn across the country to promote this year’s event that will take place in Perth from October 19-20.

Ms Hannah has made six jackets that are currently doing the rounds over east and will be revealed in Perth soon.

Kate Hannah in one of her designs. Image: Instagram

“The wool for the tassels is a mix of new and second hand wool so the jackets have a sustainable influence,” she said.

“I’ve been going to op shops, eBay, Gumtree and garage sales to see if nanna’s are selling any wool.”

Garage Sale Trail co-founder Andrew Valder said over the past few years he had seen a positive shift in the way people thought about waste.

He said the Garage Sale Trail was a simple and fun way to encourage people to think twice about throwing out those items that no longer “spark joy”.

The idea is simple by putting second-hand first and selling unwanted belongings or buying a pre-loved item, you’re extending the life of useful goods, taking pressure off the world’s diminishing resources and reducing the waste headed to already crowded landfills.

Ms Hannah showed her sustainable designs at LA Fashion Week last year.

“It was really exciting to take sustainable fashion to the runway,” she said.

“When people hear sustainable they often think plain colours and simple, basic pieces but I like to show people there can be a different side.”

PJUNK on the catwalk in LA. Image: Instagram

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