Ben Morton Supports Roe 9 Announcement

Federal Cabinet Minister for Finance Senator Mathias Cormann and Ben Morton
Federal Cabinet Minister for Finance Senator Mathias Cormann and Ben Morton

AHEAD of an expected July 2 election, Liberal candidate for Tangney Ben Morton has thrown his support behind the recent Roe 9 announcement.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited Perth last week and announced $260 million in funding for a proposed 3km, $325 million tunnel from Hilton to East Fremantle.

Mr Morton said the announcement gave clarity to the project.

“Up until the announcement of the tunnel there was uncertainty on how cars and trucks would move from the completed Roe 8 extension through to Fremantle,” he said.

“This was the cause of much fear and protest (and) the announcement of the tunnel gives clarity and certainty to the completion of that missing link and will ease concern in the community.”

Greens candidate for Tangney Thor Kerr challenged the Liberal Party’s decision to announce Roe 9, calling the extension a road to nowhere.

“Morton’s support for the Roe 9 road to nowhere will not help people in our electorate to get to places of business, work or study any faster,” he said.

“The government must invest in faster and more frequent public transport and better intersections, particularly for bicycle commuters.”

Dr Kerr said the electorate was angry about the money he said would be “wasted” on Roe 9.

“People in the electorate are angry about the money that would be wasted on the Roe 9 and tunnel project, particularly while the State Government plans to sell Fremantle Port to help pay for it,” he said.

“Many in the electorate are wondering how they will get to Fremantle’s beaches in the year’s that this massive road project would be under construction. Nothing about the Roe 9, tunnel and port sale makes any sense to voters.”

Mr Morton accepted there would be detractors of the project in the long term, but called the project progressive.

“There will always be people that protest against progress, reducing congestion and making our streets safer has the majority support of the people of Tangney,” he said.

“I will champion this project for our community; I stand for safer and less congested local roads.”

In the wake of a double dissolution announcement yesterday , Mr Morton called on the Tangney electorate to choose their representative based on how they can represent their electorate into the future.

“Elections are about choices, about people having their say. I ask Tangney residents to consider who is best placed to effectively represent our local area into the future,” he said.

“I have the experience, energy and enthusiasm to be a very effective member of the Turnbull Government and to deliver for the people of Tangney as our local Member of Parliament,” he said.