The centre at the end of the world

Local author Brendan Ritchie has put four characters in that exact scenario in his new book Carousel.

Nox, Taylor, Lizzy and Rocky find themselves locked in Cannington�s giant centre for months as an apocalypse destroys the outside world.

�The book is set entirely within Carousel,� he said. �I was tempted to drive out there, wander around, take some photos and get really familiar with the place.

�But I wanted to experience Carousel with the characters.�

He said Australian authors had a long history with post-apocalyptic literature but Carousel was different.

�The shopping centre setting makes Carousel slightly different to other post-apocalyptic literature because the characters don�t have to fight for food or shelter,� he said. �There is an element of fantasy to having an entire shopping centre at their disposal and their battle for survival is more of an internal one.

�I think post apocalyptic stories will always pose interesting questions about where we are headed as a society and what we value.�

Carousel is available from Fremantle Press.