Theft victim pleads for photos back

Ms Vines said her handbag and phone were stolen from her shopping trolley in a supermarket in early September.

She said police had eight minutes of cctv footage of a woman following her from the bank, where she withdrew $1000, to the supermarket.

The offender stole the handbag and phone when Ms Vines reached to get dairy products.

‘I don’t expect to get the money back. I just want the phone,’ she said.

‘This is my last resort, in hoping to prod someone’s conscience.

‘They have absolutely no value to anyone else.’

Ms Vines said she took photographs with her mother every day she visited her in hospital and did not have any copies.

‘I don’t feel like I’m being unreasonable. I’m not looking to catch the person who did it,’ she said.

Ms Vines said the police had been extremely helpful but she understood her photographs were a low priority compared to the other issues they faced.

She said the person who has her phone could drop it into the returns slot at Southlands video shop or Southlands Library.

She would arrange to pick the phone up.

‘It is my Christmas wish to get my Mum’s photos back,’ she said.