South East Metro thieves target usual hiding spots

BRAZEN thieves continue to target vehicles and the usual in-car hiding spots across the South East Metropolitan police district.

In the 12 months between November 2014 and October 2015, 6700 cars were broken into with items ranging from shrapnel to high-end electronic devices stolen.

Inspector Rod Petterson from the South East Metropolitan district office said officers-in-charge from across the region were keen to encourage people to lock their cars and take all valuables with them.

“When people leave items in their cars it is like a magnet to (thieves),” he said.

Insp Petterson said traditional hiding spots in cars, like under seats or glove boxes, were no deterrent for the opportunistic thieves who targeted shopping centre carparks, driveways and foreshores.

“Until (thieves) realise people aren’t putting things under their seats this will keep happening,” he said.

Thefts were occurring at all time of day, particularly in the evenings and early mornings.

“Sometimes people park their cars to do exercise and leave their belongings in their cars, and return to a broken-into car,” he said.

The inconvenience of repairing smashed windows, cancelling credit cards and cleaning broken glass should motivate people to be more careful.

“A car theft is an inconvenience to people,” he said.

“There are (tablets) being taken filled with treasured photos lost forever.”