Two SwanCare couples celebrate 70 years of wedded bliss

Jessie and Bill Dick and Nita and Bob Gregory. Picture: Supplied
Jessie and Bill Dick and Nita and Bob Gregory. Picture: Supplied

IT could be said Jessie and William Dick and Nita and Bob Gregory know a thing or two about how to make marriage work; the two couples celebrated their 70th wedding anniversaries this month.

Ninety-year-old Jessie and 92-year-old William, who live together at SwanCare’s Bentley Park Retirement Village, will celebrate their special milestone on 30 September with their family, which includes five children, 10 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Jessie and William were married on September 30 1946 in Dundee, Scotland and soon after became ‘£10 poms’ as they journeyed first to Tasmania and then, after 16 years, to Perth.

They will be joined in their celebrations by 94-year-old Nita and 92-year-old Bob Gregory, who met at a dance in April 1944 while Bob was still in the navy, and after a long distance romance married on September 7 1946.

The couple have three children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren who will be celebrating their milestone anniversary with them.

“A good marriage includes no secrets. And also a great deal of patience,” Mrs Dick said.

“I’d say it’s all about loving your family, keeping busy and staying involved in things,” Mrs Gregory said.

“Bob and I are very fortunate to still have each other, something we don’t take for granted.”

SwanCare chief executive Graham Francis congratulated both couples on their special milestone anniversary.

“Their tips for a long marriage certainly seem to have worked, and by anyone’s standard it’s a pretty extraordinary feat to reach your 70th wedding anniversary which is why everyone here at SwanCare is thrilled for both couples,” he said.