Victory thanks

WHAT a great result for democracy and people power. The Government’s back pedaling on formed amalgamations and boundary changes issue is very welcome.

We have to thank all those who led the fight, right across the metropolitan area from every council electorate.

In Canning, in the absence of elected representatives, Bill Prince, Geoff Rees and the Committee of the Canning Alliance kept us up to the mark and informed on what was going on.

Everybody had a hand, large or small, in this victory; all those who spent time taking petitions door to door, those who willingly signed and were very vocal in their support; those who lodged submissions, attended meetings; the list goes on.

Not least were those who put pen to paper to their make their voices heard and made others aware of the situation.

In the early days, we had the support of Linton Reynolds, Government-appointed Commissioner, who was sympathetic to our cause and offered advice and encouragement where he was able.

We owe thanks to those who kept the faith when things were looking grim, and kept up the spirits of those who were starting to doubt we could survive as a whole City of Canning.

We now move forward, with elections coming up soon. Let’s be a strong part of this process and not be apathetic,

We have much for which to be grateful. Thank you everyone who had a part in the fight for Canning.

Now we can send up the balloons.