WA Election: women aged 70 and over the largest voting demographic in Cannington and Riverton

CITY of Armadale chief executive Ray Tame
CITY of Armadale chief executive Ray Tame

WOMEN aged 70 and older will be the largest voting demographic in the electorates of Cannington and Riverton on polling day.

Out of 25,734 enrolled electors in Cannington, 3428 are women aged 70 or older, however overall male voters will out number females slightly with 50.68 per cent of men enrolled to vote.

Seven candidates will contest the seat of Cannington currently held by Labor’s Bill Johnston by a 2.1 per cent margin.

Liberal Jesse Jacobs will stand for a second time after a close but unsuccessful run at the 2013 election.

Gary Smith will run for the Australian Christians, Elliot Thompson with the Greens and Rozane Bezuidenhout for One Nation.

The Mirco Business Party has put forward Zena Rihani and Mohsin Virk will stand as an independent.

Women will be the majority electors in the seat of Riverton, with 51.48 per cent of registered voters compared to 48.52 per cent men.

There will be 25,386 electors overall expected to cast their vote in the district on election day.

State Treasurer Mike Nahan holds the seat with a margin of 12.7 per cent after a boundary redraw into Bullcreek grew the margin considerably.

Labor’s Marion Boswell, who unsuccessfully stood for the Federal seat of Tangney, will contest Riverton.

Susan Regnard will represent the Australian Christians, Zeeshan Pasha will stand for the Micro Business Party and Gavin Waugh will represent the Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party.

Tshung-Hui Chang will run as a candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Green’s candidate Thor Kerr will stand again, after unsuccessfully running for the seat in 2013 and federally in the seat of Tangney in 2016.

Polling Places Cannington:

Bannister Creek Primary School, 20 Purley Crescent

Beckenham Community Church, 22 Sydenham Street

Brookman Primary School, 34 Brookman Avenue

Fountain College, 12 Karri Way

Gibbs Street Primary School, 79-93 Gibbs Street

Lynwood Christian Church, 32 Latham Road

Parkwood Primary School, 9 Zelkova Road Sevenoaks Senior College, 275 Sevenoaks Street

St Norbert College, 135 Treasure Road

Polling Places Riverton:

Bull Creek Primary School, 32 Hardy Street

Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre, 2 Herald Avenue

Oberthur Primary School, Nicholls Crescent

RAAFA Estate – Bull Creek, 12-18 Bull Creek Drive

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Riverton Primary School, 255 Corinthian Road East

Rossmoyne Primary School, 90 Second Avenue

Rostrata Primary School, Rostrata Avenue

Shelley Primary School, Monota Avenue

Willetton Primary School, 14 Woodpecker Avenue

Willetton Senior High School, 120 Pinetree Gully Road