Weeding trial successful

Wilson Wetlands Action Group (WWAG) chairman Russell Gorton headed the hand weeding expedition, which was aimed at removing weeds without using herbicides.

Mr Gorton said canoes were used to reach the aquatic weed, which could not be reached from shore.

�We are in the early stages of understanding this weed and it characteristics,� he said.

�We believe that a combination of several types of control will ultimately bring the best results but our goal is to use less herbicide over this conservation wetland so as to minimize any possible impacts on native fish and other important creatures that rely on the health of the wetland.�

Mr Gorton said the trial was successful and would be ongoing.

Information gained from the trial will be used to help improve activities and treatment control in the future.

�At the moment it (hydrocotyle) is quite bad and growing quickly across the Wilson lagoon, however with the State Natural Resource Management funding recently released to WWAG now, we can start to do regular work on the project, which is well funded for the next two years through his program,� Mr Gorton said.

�Hopefully with funding, WWAG will be volunteering often with the aim of eradicating this declared weed.�