Weir works in State Budget

Water Minister Mia Davies said the heritage-listed weir in Wilson would be repaired to full working order and the footbridge that gave access to parkland would be included in restoration.

Ms Davies said the weir had serious structural defects.

‘It’s great news for the people of Canning, as the weir and the walkway across it are a very important piece of local infrastructure,’ she said.

‘In environmental terms, the weir allows the control of the movement of brackish water in the Canning River and in terms of supporting the community, the footbridge provides a much-used walkway to the nearby park.

‘Recent inspections of the weir’s concrete piers have identified serious structural weaknesses and so it’s essential the weir or its walkway is replaced quickly before the weir fails or even collapses.’

The City of Canning will rebuild the walkway over the weir after restoration is finished.

Ms Davies said a decision had not been made on who would oversee the project or who would own the weir after completion.

She said the Department of Water would provide $1 million to the project, funded by delaying non-critical work in the Groundwater Bore Replacement program.