Willetton artist in a glass of her own

Donna Lydon with one of her glass wave creations. Picture: Emma Geary
Donna Lydon with one of her glass wave creations. Picture: Emma Geary

WILLETTON resident Donna Lydon is addicted to creating glass art in her backyard studio.

Ms Lydon, who is a member of the Canning Arts Group (CAG), said she first learnt about glass slumping in a class run by the group a year-and-a-half ago.

Slumping is a technique whereby items are made in a kiln byshaping glass over moulds at high temperatures.

Using old windowpanes and crushed bottles, Ms Lydon has created beautiful glass pieces, some of which are on display at the CAG gallery in Riverton.

She has recently branched into coloured glass and a kiln casting method called Pate de verra – a detailed technique involving pressing glass powders, or frits, into a mould.

Originally from New Zealand, Ms Lydon said one of her influences was the black and white shapes found in Maori culture.

She trained as a mining laboratory technician but is now working towards exhibiting her art with other glass artists early next year at ArtLab in Crawley.

“It is a hobby – it keeps my mind off working. I love the feel. I am a very tactile person; that is why I make the glass waves because I like pieces that you can touch,” she said.

She said it was an expensive hobby with the use of a three-phase powered kiln a requirement.

“It is not a cheap hobby to set up and coloured glass is not cheap,” she said.

Last year she won second place in CAG’s annual exhibition in the mixed medium category.