Wilson Park dog exercise area approved to continue after trial

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WILSON Park will remain an area where dogs can roam off-leash, but pet owners are concerned about a plan that could more than halve the space dedicated to dogs.

The City of Canning council has approved Wilson Park to continue as a dog exercise area when a trial period ends on March 31.

However the council has a longer-term plan for a wider redevelopment of Kent Street Weir precinct.

The proposed reconfiguration includes a vegetation buffer to the lagoon and wetland, an expanded event space and a larger playground – which would mean reducing the size of the dog exercise area.

The size of the permanent dog exercise area, proposed to be about 3900sq m, has come under fire.

Currently, dogs have access to all of Wilson Park, which is about 10,000sq m.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, residents asked whether the event area could be used for dogs when there were no events on and whether the proposed size of the dog area was dictated by current number of users or projected numbers.

Canning Environment Director Warren Bow reiterated the dog area’s size is not locked in under the longer-term proposal and said the events area would be a multi-function space to be designed in concert with the dog exercise area.

“There is no requirement to fix a designated amount of space for the dog exercise area,” he said.

“It’s no longer required to be gazetted as it was prior to amendments of the dog act, so there is some flexibility and opportunity for the City to designate a varied space.

“I think we can make other arrangements and certainly through the final detail design of the precinct plan, we can arrive at a more appropriate allocation of space for this facility.”