Act of Stupidity: Rev Heads

AT 7.55pm on Tuesday, January 19 what is believed to be a dark coloured Nissan Pulsar displaying “P” plates entered Skiff Way, Canning Vale from Becher Avenue.

As it did so, the engine was revving loudly.

Half way down Skiff Way, the driver lost control, swerved to the right, slewed sideways and hit our two loaded rubbish bins (left out for the following day’s collection) with the passenger side of the car with such force that both bins were thrown 12 metres across the driveway, over the garden and onto the front lawn.

The car came to a stop facing the direction it had just come from. The driver waited a few seconds before speeding off.

Just a few seconds prior to the bins being hit, my wife had been standing at them placing rubbish in one of them.

She could have been another statistic because of someone’s immature act of stupidity.

Neighbours witnessed the incident or it was caught on home security cameras and is evident by black skid marks on the road and our driveway.

There may be damage to the car’s passenger door.

Anyone who thinks they may genuinely know this driver should contact the police with information.

Name and address supplied.