Action shameful

I am conscious of the challenges and the frustration of these children and the struggles that they have to go through in their formative years. Therefore, I was deeply disturbed last week when I became aware of how low some people can stoop.

The school has a vegetable garden and five chickens that are integrated into the children’s daily school learning program. On two occasions, the latest incident occurred on Wednesday, the fence that surrounds the chicken run has been cut and the chickens let free on both occasions. The chickens have disappeared.

These chickens are tame enough to come up to the children and let them look at them at close quarters and the joy that they bring to the children is immeasurable. Even residents who walk their children to the primary school talk to the chickens through the fence and feed them small food scraps.

To the people responsible for this crime against children who have no means of defence and are some of the most vulnerable people in society I say to you that you should be ashamed of your actions.

My only consolation is that what goes round comes round; you will pay for your actions, of that you can be sure.

To the rest of the community, I ask that if you know anything that will assist in apprehending the people responsible please contact the police as those responsible have committed crimes against property, and humanity.