Aircraft noise is no fantasy

I WONDER which suburb called Shelley, Dr Harry Foxer lives in? Is there another suburb called Shelley, say in one of the eastern States?

I was shocked to read his comments in his letter in last week’s edition and he certainly does not speak for the harassed residents of Shelley, WA, and surrounding suburbs.

I can only presume that Dr Foxer is possibly suffering from hearing loss, is an extremely sound sleeper or works away from home constantly.

Residents of the Shelley/Riverton areas are well aware of the constant drone of low-flying aircraft, some around midnight, the early morning and throughout the day.

This is not a fantasy and the efforts of SNAG are well founded.

As a resident of Riverton, continually tortured by aircraft noise, I can attest to the facts proffered by SNAG, which is seeking to alleviate the suffering of the residents of Shelley and surrounding areas.