Government Assets Just That

WRITER Phil Lalor, in reply to a previous letter, stated that it was sound economic policy for our Government to sell off state assets, saying they have no “profit incentive”.

As long ago as 2000, the Water Corporation’s managing director was reported as saying its profit-driven agenda was ordered by Government.

That was 16 years ago, Mr Lalor.

Excessive profits from the Corporation and Western Power have been flowing into the State Treasury for years – billions recently.

Selling just those two would lose the Government two invaluable cash cows, which would mean higher taxes elsewhere.

State assets are just that; they do not belong to the government of the day, who do not have a mandate to sell of any of them that I remember.

If the present Government ministers are running a corporation instead of a state, they would likely end up in jail for asset stripping.

Our only recourse is to make sure we vote them out of office at the next election.