Ban these plants

Upon returning home, I happily re-potted it with the best nutrients, placed it in our pond and looked forward to sharing the leaves with friends. It spread so quickly and on lifting it out of our frog pond, I noted the plant had long tendrils that were spreading across the pond.

Imagine my dismay when I read Sam Gibbs’ article in last week’s edition headlined ‘War on weeds in the Canning River’ and discovered that it is a most noxious weed (hydrocotyle – commonly known as pennywort).

Why doesn’t the Government ban these plants from sale? Surely, the high cost of eliminating this pest makes this imperative.

It is common knowledge that people tiring of small garden ponds often tip the contents, including goldfish and plants, into the Canning River.

Therefore, I do urge everyone to dispose of this plant sensibly, as obviously it is far from friendly to our environment.