Automatic Bank Branches: Lack Customer Service

AFTER something like 25 years as a customer, I recently severed ties with my bank. I did this because of multiple reasons.

Without any consultation that I am aware of, they reconfigured my local branch as a totally automatic branch.

I was no longer able to do my business with a person; it had to be with machines. I was required to learn how to operate those machines.

The supermarkets have installed similar automation but they have had the good sense to retain checkout people for those of us that cannot or do not want to use machines. This facility was not offered by the bank.

When I questioned this, I was told, in so many words, that if you want tellers go to another branch.

When I told them that I would like to complain I was told to do it over the internet.

I went to another branch, one with tellers, to cut my ties with that bank and I was told there that they had people travelling from four or five suburbs away as their own suburb’s branch had similarly automated.

If nothing else, it has a tendency to discriminate against the elderly but also smacks of a lack of consideration for the rest of their customers. If this happens to you, I would advise you to change banks.

My advice to the banks is that you may save on tellers’ wages but you lose on customer service.

LES DAVIES, Riverton.