Benefits doubtful

CITY of Canning residents have every reason to be seriously unimpressed with the actions of the State Government and the adverse effect on the city.

Residents are denied representation at this crucial time, with the removal of elected councillors. Moreover, the Commissioner has not filled this role, as it was expected would occur.

Indeed, he is quoted as saying a community advisory panel is ‘not an option’.

The ‘unforced’ local government changes, the slicing up of the City of Canning, an expensive inquiry of questionable value into the actions of councillors and an unwanted Department of Housing development are just some examples of outcomes being imposed on residents during this time. This is no coincidence.

Despite numerous assurances that the best interests of the community are being served, there remains little evidence to support these claims.

In each case there has been no genuine attempt made to demonstrate a real and significant community benefit, which leaves the question, does one exist at all?

Our Premier set a very high benchmark when he stated his was a ‘good government’, which was ethical and principled. Sadly, principles and ethics have had no part to play in any of these developments.

Chris Gray, Queens Park