Better and worse

Well, you could walk the streets after dark without fear of being molested or bashed.

The pubs closed at 9pm, hence fewer drunks and needless punch-ups.

Recreational drugs were almost unheard of.

Our jails were not overcrowded, as they are today.

When your wife had a baby, there was no maternity leave, baby bonus or childcare facility handout.

On the other hand, your children could walk safely to school barefoot.

Sure, you might have got the cane at school, but got a little sympathy at home.

You did not have to lock your house after dark.

There was little car stealing, very few police chases and road rage was rarely heard of.

We had a good tram or bus service to most suburbs but we were lucky if we had one car per family. The bonus was you could safely ride your bike, or walk to work.

If you did not pay your electricity account, the power was cut off, which made you more careful. No Government agency was helping you out.

Yes, there were power cuts with the coal miners going on strike.

The downside was that things were tough; unemployment was high and there were no unemployment benefits.

Nevertheless, we survived; I think our children grew up with discipline and knowing the value of life.