Beware voters

DEAR Dr Nahan, I do not share your view about Commissioner Reynolds’ use of ratepayers’ money in regard to the Governments proposed reform program.

I am impressed that he has the guts to change his mind about the boundary changes now he has finally received better information.

In addition, I wonder what he has to gain from such refusal to conform to the Government’s demands.

To my mind, you are campaigning against the City of Canning ratepayers’ rights to democracy, and let’s not forget that’s how you were elected, by vote of the people.

Congratulations by the way on your appointment to WA Treasurer. I hope you have a fast-track plan to get WA back on the road to financial recovery.

Be quick; there is likely to be a strong swing against you and the Liberal Party (State and Federal) by people such as me who have been staunch supporters. I was in fact a helper on Tony Simpson’s polling booth.

Please take into account that what the residents want is the democratic right to vote on their future. If, as you have said, you have research/submissions that support the axing of Canning, you should have no concerns as to the outcome.

What aren’t you telling us?