Queens Park resident believes trouble is brewing with refugee intakes.

CLAIRE Uloth (Policies wrong, Canning Times, September 15), I say let not your heart rule your brains.

It is sad for those refugee parents whose son drowned, but thousands of babies are dying every minute in different circumstances. We see one picture and people are holding vigils.

We must look at the big picture. Apart from geography, this land is more desert than arable land and WA for instance does not have a huge untapped water supply.

It is just not sustainable.

These people do not speak English so will go straight on the dole and get child, medical and housing allowances.

The taxpayer will be forking out even more.

There are at least seven countries in Africa, plus Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka I know of from whence refugees come and will keep coming.

I have never understood why those running away never stand up and fight. We see young, able-bodied men galore seeking asylum.

So are we and Europe going to shift the world’s population with the great consequences?

Take in Christians yes, but not those who think Christians are infidels and wish to kill us.

I foresee big trouble in the Western countries brewing.

The future generations will have to live on lesser pensions than today, and the present pensioners will not be seeing their pensions rise to any sensible degree.

There is not an immeasurable supply to go round. We all should wake up.