Booze wreaking havoc

It is a drug that is easy to get, yet hard-hitting to the young and old alike.

Schoolies just have to have this booze or lose face; parties must have alcohol or there is no fun; pubs, clubs, taverns, supermarkets and bottle shops do a roaring trade; you even get vouchers at supermarkets to entice you to buy alcohol.

It causes so much trouble, with emergency rooms admitting 50 per cent of patients for drunkenness and causing chaos for police, doctors, nurses and ambos.

Time is wasted by police having to raid out-of-control parties by yobbos who couldn’t care less.

We tackled the cigarette issue and are controlling this, but no cigarette ever caused such social issues or pain as this out-of-control use of alcohol has done and will keep on doing this to our future grandkids and great-grandkids if it doesn’t stop.