Call an election

ONCE again, Mike Nahan’s disregard for the feelings and wishes of the people of Canning, only surpassed by that of his Premier, shows in taking out a half-page advertisement in last week’s edition to push his personal barrow for the break-up of the City of Canning and to get his slice of the cake for the City of Melville.

If he wants the residents of Parkwood, Riverton, Rossmoyne, Shelley and Willetton, and all the others affected by this Government’s headlong rush into so-called local government reform, to declare their preferences as to what they want, then dissolve this autocratic government and have an election so that we, the electors, can decide the future of our local government.

Might I suggest that Mr Nahan, along with the Premier and many of their colleagues, should now concentrate on sending out their resumes to potential employers to secure their futures post the next election.

BRUCE J. CRANE, Canning Vale