Cat troubles

They have fights that wake up dogs and people. They kill native birds and animals.

They are causing serious problems. Some of these cats belong to bad cat owners who actually put their pets out at night “to do their thing”.

Others are true ferals that have either been dumped, abandoned or have been born in the wild.

The City of Canning does not have a cat curfew and has no plans for implementing one. So bad cat owners will continue to do stupid things such as putting their cat out at night to run amok.

Cats are spreading disease, killing native species, and disturbing the peace. If they were people we could get the police involved, but alas they are “only cats” and therefore nothing will be done about them.

Cat owners, do the world a favour and keep your pets inside.

There are also foxes in the area but, unfortunately, they don’t eat cats because the cats climb up trees to hide.