Cats vs dogs

If you found a dog in your backyard that was killing the animals and defecating all over your backyard it would be unacceptable.

You would call the ranger and the dog would be removed ASAP and most responsible dog owners would be very apologetic.

Find a cat in your backyard and the attitudes of everyone involved are completely different.

A cat can be in your backyard, hunting the wild birds that you enjoy having there and defecating in your gardens, but there is little you can do about it.

This is what cats do, you’re told.

Cat owners, but not all, seem to think that it is not their responsibility to know the whereabouts of their cats and take ownership of what they do.

I would never consider it, but I can start to see why some people take their cat problem into their own hands.

It is not the fault of the animal, it is the fault of the irresponsible cat owner but ultimately it is the cat that suffers.