Chance is Lost in Riverton

IT was with some sadness I read that Dr Nahan will no longer be representing parts of Riverton, Parkwood and Lynwood (Canning Times, December 15).

Now he will no longer have the satisfaction of knowing how the whole of the original Riverton electorate appreciated his performance during the Canning City Council debacle and whether the reward he received, possibly for that performance, was sufficient and appropriate.

He may not now have the chance to explain to the people of Riverton why his promise of the Roe 8 looks like it has been stymied again.

Is that for the third time?

My condolences Dr Nahan, now you will never know the whole truth: one can only hope that those who remain in your new area will give you some indication.

And by the way Dr Nahan, I have always lived in Riverton.

Is there now a new suburb or locality called “East” Riverton?