City of Canning’s rate rise higher than inflation rate

City of Canning’s rate rise higher than inflation rate

IN response to the report of a proposed rate rise of 5.8 per cent by the City of Canning, one can only express disappointment that in the present economic climate a more responsible action was not forthcoming.

In the past, the inflation rate was the basis for increases with adjustments for increased costs.

Now we are led to believe the inflation rate is about 1.5 per cent. Therefore, it would appear that the other 4.3 per cent is for a wish list and a large surplus.

With almost no increase of costs apparent (large wage rises awarded in the past year and the number of employees increased) it would be assumed that the decrease in fuel cost and lack of price pressure would be enough to keep any increase to the 1-2 per cent area.

Canning, being the lucky council that it is, with the number of industrial and commercial properties has always been able to restrict increases, even when going from deeply in debt to being debt free in the 1990s

Moreover, let us not forget that industrial and commercial owners get very little for their rates, and 5.8 per cent is a large increase.

We members of the public fought long and hard to retain our council and managed to retain the workforce in the hope there would be a responsible outcome.

With over-increased charges, the way will become open for the State Government to appoint an independent body to fix rate increases.