Claim challenged

That left the option of Canning staying on its own as the most likely outcome as combining Canning with Gosnells would make a city of well over 200,000 people, which is too big.

Then on Tuesday in the Canning Times, I saw an advert from Dr Nahan where he agreed with me that ‘the ideal situation would be for Canning to remain as it is’.

This good part was followed by ‘that option is no longer available’.

On what possible grounds can he make that statement since it is well known that the City of Canning has a request in with the advisory board to retain the present boundaries in addition to numerous submissions from the public along the same lines?

Also in the same edition, there was an advert from the City of Canning to say that it was lodging another submission with the board reinforcing its position that the City of Canning remain within its present boundaries.

Dr Nahan’s claim that it is ‘Melville or Gosnells’ is disingenuous to say the least when there is an alternative still available that can be fought for and Dr Nahan, as our representative in parliament, should be helping to fight/lead this campaign.

My reading of the board’s announcement is that joining with Melville is no longer an option. The choice is now ‘Canning or Gosnells’.

In a survey of Canning residents when given the choices of Melville, Canning or Gosnells, more than 90 per cent chose Canning. This was different to Dr Nahan’s survey where Canning was not available as an option.

You would think that as the elected representative of the area he would be leading the fight publicly to retain the City of Canning.

All I can conclude is that he is not fit to be our representative in parliament when he will not fight for what the citizens want, especially when it is for what he says is the ‘ideal situation’.

On the contrary, he appears to be actively fighting to dismantle the City.

The most likely reason for this is explained by Minister Simpson’s statements that the State Government wants to use ‘Canning assets’ to fund infrastructure changes outside Canning.

ALAN ROSS, Parkwood