Claim wrong

I never said that.

Rather, in 2008 I campaigned that a Liberal Government will provide $20 million over the next four years to begin the construction process of the Roe Highway 8 project.

I have always asserted that a Liberal State Government will follow through with its election commitments to build the stage 8 extension from Kwinana Freeway through to Stock Road.

Another fabrication that was reported about me relates to March 2009 and me stating that the ‘bulldozers were warming up’.

I never said this or wrote this line in any of my media releases.

This was actually a headline of an article written in another newspaper in March 2009 entitled ‘Bulldozers warm up’ in response to a media release that I released entitled ‘Roe Extension, A Must for Local Community’.

The Roe Highway stage 8 extension proposal is before the Environmental Protection Authority for its consideration.

The Liberal Government remains committed to the Roe 8 project, unlike the Labor Party that has repeatedly stated it will not build it.