Control your cats

If people want to keep cats, then that is fine as long as they accept responsibility for the damage their moggies do.

Unfortunately, I have yet to encounter a cat owner who is willing to pay reimbursement for the damage their pets have done.

After having lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of Australian native finches and small parrots to domestic and feral felines, I will not stand by and let someone’s pet cat continue on a rampage of murder and mayhem against our native fauna.

The Government needs to make it law that all cats are kept on their own property at all times, and the cat is not allowed off the property unless on a leash held by someone capable of controlling the cat, or the cat is confined to a carry cage.

Dogs are not allowed off their property unless on a leash, so why should cats be allowed to roam the streets at all hours and cause numerous problems?

Cat owners beware, while I am against jaw-type traps (aka bear traps), I do set a cage-type cat trap in the evening inside my property, next to my aviary.

Keep cats as pets, but keep them on your property at all times.

Enclosing your back yard with netting will give your moggies a safe place to play, you will have fewer vet bills, no unwanted kittens, and you can have peace of mind that dear Fluffy will not be stuck in someone’s back yard waiting to be put down.