Cost unknown

TONY Simpson’s reported comments are a case of the ‘Pot, Kettle, Black’.

What is the cost of local government reform? Based on estimates by Cockburn, $100 million, and Canning, $30 million, the metropolitan sum could be in the order of $750 million plus.

Mr Simpson has not costed it, nor has he demonstrated the benefits of his proposed changes.

Legislation does not exist to cope with some changes (e.g.handling of fee simple land).

At least, in his second submission, Commissioner Reynolds has done his homework and listened to the ratepayers.

I for one am happy to contribute my $1.82 he spent on my behalf.

Unlike other councils, no money was spent on burgers and signs flying behind planes.

Meaningless expensive mail- outs are the province of politicians not the City of Canning.

We will not roll over and play dead.