Costly change

FURTHER to the letter from Gordon Holmes (Rates question, Times, September 17), I also have looked at the cost to me for the proposed forced amalgamations.

As Gordon says, the present rate for Canning is 4.3413c in the dollar, for Gosnells it is 6.612c and for Melville it is 5.4019c.

The gross rental value of my house in Willetton is $18,400, which gives a payable rate of $800 for the City of Canning, $993 for Melville and $1216 for Gosnells.

Therefore, I could be looking at an increase of $416 per year for the same service I get from Canning.

Where are the cost savings or benefits in this for the ratepayers of Willetton and, unfortunately, we have no council to lobby on our behalf.

Colin Wheatley,