Councillor’s Don�t Need More Benefits

IT is odd the new City of Canning councillors have not come out in support of Mayor Paul Ng, as he battles public perception of what constitutes his entitlements.

Perhaps the councillors are quiet because Mr Ng now takes home less money per meeting than they do.

Alternatively, perhaps they are staying mum because, according to the agenda for the Ordinary Council Meeting of February 16, they have requested the City give them $3500 each in extra training funds annually, despite the City arranging a solid training package so councillors can discharge their duties appropriately.

This benefit means councillors who campaigned for office based on being successful in business, risk analysis, paralegal process, efficiency and public service can now go to courses at the Australian Institute of Management.

In 2013, all local government councillors received huge meeting fee increases as part of the push for local government reform.

Well, reform didn’t go ahead, and Canning doesn’t need the “board members” thus envisioned by the Barnett Government.

Councillors, reverse the belief you need even more benefits now.

DIANA RYAN, Bentley.