WILLETTON was having its verge collection but on coming home on Wednesday, my daughter and I noticed that her swing set had been taken from our front lawn.

It was not close to the kerb but in the middle of the lawn. My five-year-old daughter was distraught and in tears for the rest of the afternoon until she went to bed.

I am a single mum and do not have the money to replace the one that was taken.

What right do these people have to walk on your front lawn, go through your rubbish and then look beyond what is on the verge and think they have the right just to take it?

What happened to common courtesy and a knock on the door by people asking if they go through your verge items or ask if it is all right to take something?

Next verge collection the scroungers had better beware if I catch them on my private property.

I am sick of hearing that during every verge collection someone is robbed of possessions that were not there to be taken.

Moreover, things are thrown across your lawn while the scroungers pull goods apart to get what they need and leave all broken bits behind in a mess.

Lucienne Sunkar, Willetton