Deadline close

To counteract urban sprawl, councils have been directed by the State Government to implement local housing strategies that use the principle of urban infill, which is the rededication of land in an urban environment, usually open space, to new construction.

A ‘Drop-In Event’ to collect comments on the proposed re-zoning of Burrendah Park from ‘Parks and Recreation’ to ‘Housing’ was held last Saturday at Willetton Youth Centre, but not many people turned up. The closing date for comments from the community is this Friday, August 1.

It is very important for the community to impress upon all local State politicians their objections to the development i.e. the impact on their local amenity, including the effect on property values and so forth.

To use the reserve land for an alternative purpose, such as housing, the shire will need full Cabinet approval for the Government to make the relevant changes to the zoning. It will also need to demonstrate that the development is in the interest of the community.