Deadly species

We routinely slaughter animals unthinkingly and unmercifully in gruesome abattoirs.

We keep hens in cages and consume not only their flesh, but also their unborn.

For large financial gain, we send our livestock to far-flung places, on overcrowded vessels with no apparent thought for their welfare.

We also have vivisectionists experiment on them in the hope that we can find a cure for some disease that in many cases is self-inflicted.

Additionally, many of us have the juvenile need to keep or breed pets, with no thought for the many animals it is necessary to kill to feed them.

We pull an astronomical amount of marine life from the ocean and think it is clever to catch a large fish and have our children hold it in photographs.

Yet, when on the odd occasion a large sea creature pursues us, or heaven forbid attacks us, we cry foul.

And we call ourselves animal lovers.