Deserving hurt: Centrelink

RECENTLY, there was an example on television (and there have been many), of a young woman pleading for financial assistance for her mother.

This hapless woman had been working diligently all her life, contributing in taxes and so forth for the benefit of Australia.

Now, with a disability, she has been instructed “to go find a job”. Apparently, she “doesn’t qualify” for any financial help from Centrelink.

I believe the able-bodied politicians have just given themselves a pay raise and Scott Morrison is intent on fixing the budget by penalising our senior citizens, but to punish highly deserving members of society, especially the elderly or those with genuine disabilities (the rorters excluded), is not only unfair but it also will not result in an eventual positive budget outcome for our country.

I do realise that Centrelink may be in disarray at present with all the changes taking place, but many of these people seem to have been ignored time and time again and their only way finally to get some action is to go public.

I hope that every effort is being made to streamline the records at Centrelink and that people have their queries dealt with as efficiently, and as quickly as possible.

From what I heard on the television, people endeavouring to get some answers are being kept waiting on the phone for long periods and, very often, with no one at the other end of the line to listen to them.

ROSA LARSEN, Riverton.