Disappointed in Canning Mayor

FIRSTLY, I must thank Pia van Straalen and the Canning Times for highlighting the backdown by Mayor Paul Ng in the pre-local government election comments.

Secondly, to the ratepayers who made the effort to vote, when clearly there does appear that there is a hesitance for a large number of ratepayers to decide not to vote.

My wife and I do make the effort and have done so over the many years we have been in the City of Canning.

It is fair to say you do not know the representative personally, but you go on the press articles written and quoted about a said candidate.

I am aware of the previous city management issues and the subsequent changes made by our State Government.

But it is disappointing to see our mayor, who was elected in good faith, has already shifted on his election platform.

It makes you think and assume why read any press articles and then even bother to make an effort to vote in our local elections?

If this is an example of what our Canning management is about, it is not leading by example.

I understand Mayor Ng is a successful businessman and would think he would be aware of his entitlements.

But now to realise his package, I find it hard to believe and digest.

MARTIN EGAN, Willetton.