Easier recycling

IN reply to the editorial in the November 17 edition about recycling errors, regional editor Rick Lee stated that plastic such as bread wrappers should not be put in the recycle bin.

But not all councils appear to be the same in this regard.

Melville council says in its resource recovery calendar that the following items can go into the recycling bin: all glass, even broken glass; all plastic containers (empty), including salad dressing, tomato sauce, condiment bottles and empty plastic bags; all cans and tins including aerosol cans and tin foil and all paper products including wax cartons and pizza boxes.

Why is it that you say selected supermarkets can recycle plastic bags, but councils cannot?

In addition, wouldn’t it be better if all councils did take all plastic since there are many people who won’t go to the trouble of saving bags and take them to a supermarket?

Let us make recycling easy for people to do.