Canning Electorate Misled

I AGREE with Blair Campbell that Canning Mayor Paul Ng should pay back the money and half his mayoral “salary” as promised or resign.

The mayor is playing semantics when he argues his interpretation of attendance fees and allowances is not part of a total salary package.

I am sure myself and everybody else who attended the public pre selection meeting was in no doubt that if he was elected he would half his salary, meaning any monies he received for performing his duties.

He was going to lead by example by reducing his cost to the taxpayers and in turn was to get the council also to reduce their salaries and other expenses, which was a powerful argument to be elected as mayor.

He has no doubt misled the electorate.

If he was not aware of the additional government allowance prior to his nomination for mayor, why is he not prepared to accept half of it as promised as this would be considered as a bonus?

If he does not rectify the situation, he should resign. There were plenty of potentially good mayors waiting to take his spot.