Excuse feeble

Privatisation equals profit for executives and shareholders of public companies, quite often without risk. These companies throw their hands in the air when it comes to carrying out extensive maintenance and expect the taxpayer to subsidise them further by footing the bill.

However, there is a very good reason for this practice, or so the elected governments tell us: selling off our remaining assets to reduce debt.

The same feeble excuse can’t be used when it comes to outsourcing of services. This is another way for government to shirk responsibility as it is able to pass the buck when things go wrong and try to humour us with an expensive inquiry.

The least we, who foot the bill, should expect is that when government responsibilities diminish, the respective departments’ staffing levels would reflect the change.

However, the opposite seems to happen and the bill for civil services and consultants gets bigger.

Should we be giving out multi-billion contracts to multinationals to oversee basic services within Australia? The bulk of these contracts involve the use of local labour to operate taxpayer-funded infrastructure.

What skills are the multinationals able to provide that we can’t do in-house?

Perhaps the department directors opt for an easy ride and oversee the issuing of tenders that are too big for local companies to undertake.